oooh… advice!

I let my chicken breasts for the stuffed chicken breast recipe (my first recipe) soak in Sprite for 30 minutes while I made the stuffing and it made them considerably more tender! Of course I rinsed off the sprite before I stuffed them.

AND – there are these little machines they sell in Cairo that make foam out of milk… they’re like this little beater or something – a plastic thing that separates into two at the end and whisks madly – I’d liken it to a mechanical toothbrush in its size and shape… anyway – you can make fluffy whipped cream with it (I only realized that when I came to the final layer of my tiramisu) but it sprays the cream about so cover the bowl with your hand to keep things from getting too messy.


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  1. You’re right! Brining –this is what the technique is called– makes chicken breasts just divine.
    If you let them marinade a few hours in a sugar-and-salt mixture, they will be amazingly juicy …

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