Successful 😀 – After about 5 hours in the kitchen… I managed to serve the menu as planned – baked the aubergine for the moussaka this time instead of frying it and it was a much less greasy result (but still yummy :D). I also managed to make TIRAMISU! I was shocked – very worried about it because whipping the cream by hand was impossible and things were a little runny but time in the fridge pulled it together and to my very very happy surprise, it was accepted by even the bluntest of critics (yes, Sarah, I love you.) Next time I will be prepared with the mixer I’ve been promised by my mom (the one we used to make snickerdoodles and bonny butter cakes with when I was little) and I will actually have whipped cream instead of ‘slightly-thicker-than-when-I-poured-it-out-of-the-carton’ whipping cream. Recipes for moussaka and tiramisu to come… once I post the meat pie recipe (with sweet potato fries).


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