Cooking for the revolution

Well… I’m not sure if it’s a good excuse – but I have been negligent in my blogging efforts due to a little teeny tiny revolution in Egypt that seems to have shaken if not only the Middle East but also the world! (Or so we would like to believe here :D) The few days we were trapped in our homes due to 3pm curfews and a fear for our selves and our loved ones were very surreal days. The TV was on 24 hours a day with numerous updates, shots of Tahrir Square filled with a constantly moving swarm of people, insane programming on local TV (like national songs and talk shows about the lack of pizza delivery in the market due to the ‘thugs’ in Tahrir) and 2am speeches by delusional dictators.

We were a small group gathered together during those days – we would separate for a few hours midday – to feed cats or pick up groceries or take a trip through the army tank ridden streets – and then regroup in the early evening for dinner and to settle in for another night of anticipation.

Needless to say – dinner meant cooking and when the fabulous Fatma (the cook who works with my parents) couldn’t pop by to make breaded chicken by the kilo for our little camp, I cooked!

We had pasta with tomato basil cream sauce one night and threw together beef with broccoli another night. We had tikka masala chicken at one point and munched on crackers and cheese when none of the random ingredients available in the supermarket seemed throw-together-able.  We sipped wine and beer on the balcony and when things got really rough, threw bourbon and scotch in a glass for a tougher punch.

In any case, as the millions of people and pieces of the revolution start to regather and we rebuild our beautiful country, there’s always a need for delicious food!

So let the cooking begin!

xx Nina

PS – if this is any tribute… let this little post be dedicated to Rahmy, Clare, Yasmine and Lily – to Lara and Sophie the alarm clock and of course to Sennoo the chopper (with a samurai sword)


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  1. Zeww

    Nice to have you back! Yalla ba2a!

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