My five-year-old made me dinner.

Lara made me a burger in cooking class!


I never realized that Lara would only be 5 1/2 when she’d make me dinner instead of the other way around… but it seems I was one smart mom for investing in her cooking classes at Character Stations in Maadi! Sharon Chu – fabulous chef and teacher of 5-7 year old chefs-in-training has been working with the children on everything from crackers with peanut butter to egg salad.

That being said, I must admit that I only occasionally try the food Lara brings home and rarely finish it. Today is different – after an extensive description of the “fun/gross” process of mixing raw meat with onions by hand, Lara presented me with two burgers.

At this point in the evening I have eaten one (YUM. Seriously. Sharon/Lara… fabulous job!!!) and I am very deliberately staying out of the kitchen to keep myself form eating the other. (I promised to save it for my husband.)

When Lara’s cooking folder comes home, I will share Sharon’s recipe with you…


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