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The Shandong Mystery

For some years now, I have loved Peking’s Shandong Salad. Not much of a salad – it consists of deep fried zucchini placed on a completely negligible pile of shredded lettuce. I remember it was hard to convince me to try this dish in the beginning because I severely dislike zucchini. This tastes nothing like zucchini – it tastes like fabulous crunchy garlic and fabulousness. I’m sorry if I’m not more eloquent in my ingredient tasting expressiveness but well… I stopped in to Peking one evening and decided to ask them what was in the shandong salad.

The waiter told me:

The zucchini is coated in egg and flour and fried in oil.

Then the zucchini is fried again in a mixture of vinegar, garlic and chili.

The next step:

To try to make it! Will keep you posted…


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